Sophisticated Savories

Sophisticated Savories

Friday, June 14, 2013

Fat-free Hollandaise Sauce

Fat-free Hollandaise Sauce... how is that even possible?

As many of you know, Hollandaise Sauce is composed of five basic ingredients: egg yolks, clarified butter, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and salt. So how does one develop a faux-Hollandaise sans the yolks and clarified butter?

That, my dear friends, is where the miraculous fat-free tofu comes into play. When my older brother was a baby, my mother would refer to him as the "tofu-baby." Why? Because when an individual would hold him, he would "pick up" their scent. For example, my father would wear Old Spice aftershave and Michael would smell like a little Old Spice baby. My mother would wear Chanel N 21 and Michael would smell like a little Coco Chanel. Tofu acts in this same manner - when paired when a strong flavor, it will absorb and permeate the entire tofu portion of a meal.

Ergo, brilliant when developing robust flavors to use tofu as the base.

1 package fat-free tofu (12 oz)
1 Tbsp Turmeric
Juice of 1 lemon
2 tsp sea salt
Pinch of cayenne pepper
Pinch of Cajun seasoning

Simply blend all ingredients together. I used my Vitamix because it gently heated the ingredients while blending to a soft and smooth consistency. You may also use a blender, but I would reheat on the stove top in order to serve (bring to a boil while whisking, in order to prevent the sauce from separating). The turmeric gives the sauce a brilliant golden color (usually caused from the egg yolks and butter), as well as a nice subtle bite.

When serving, I will drip cooked artichoke hearts in the faux-Hollandaise, as well as serve along-side scallops and gluten-free crab cakes (rolled in gluten-free rice cereal rather than breadcrumbs, the typical eggs-benedict, and freshly steamed asparagus. Not only is the "Hollandaise" fat-free, but high in protein... a small amount goes a very long way.

Micro greens will aid in complimenting the sauce by providing a subtle "nutty" bite, as well as beet coulis (recipe listed on the post before), will provide a natural hint of sweetness. I recently paired the sauce with gluten-free crab cakes, saut├ęd spinach, beet coulis, micro-greens, cilantro and seared scallops (seared in ghee). Delectable.

"It is the sauce that distinguishes a good chef. The Saucier is a soloist in the orchestra of a great kitchen." -Fernand Point

Love y'all dearly!

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