Sophisticated Savories

Sophisticated Savories

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Veggie Noddles

Veggie Noddles

Excuse me? Would you like to try that again?

Ok... As many of you know, I am a huge proponent of juicing. Ergo, a plethora of fresh fruits and vegetables litter my refrigerator, creating their own cascading rainbow of vibrant colors.

So allowing that creative mind to shine... one can easily throw vegetables into a sauté pan, cook and pile onto a plate. From a health point of view, I applaud you for choosing healthy food and actually cooking! It is my job to teach you not only technique, but presentation as well! The ART of cuisine.

Enter... a peeler. Small, often tossed in the drawer and forgotten... except when peeling the occasional carrot or potato. But when given the chance... can create gorgeous food. I simply peeled away the outer peel of the carrot (and discarded), then carefully "peeled" thin ribbons (essentially noodles). I peeled noodles for both carrots and zucchini.

Quick lunch... chopped asparagus, veggies noodles, chives, red bell pepper and purple cabbage... into a sauté pan with extra virgin olive oil. To season, I simply sprinkled with smoked sea salt, pinch of cayenne pepper, drizzle of lemon juice and dried oregano. Since the veggies were all cut small, they cooked quickly (only a few minutes). To compliment the dish, I cracked an organic egg on a medium-warm sauté pan... and allowed to cook slowly. After the egg white was a vibrant white and the yolk was a beaming yellow, I removed the sauté pan from the heat and allowed to cool slightly. Using a ring mold (you can also use cookie cutters - get your children involved in order to cut fun shapes!), I simply created a perfectly round sunny-side up. Using a spatula, I simply plated the veggies on the center of the white plate (building up volume by making a large pile), then slip the egg atop the veggie-mound. A sprinkle of hemp-seeds added a slight crunch, as well as drizzle of balsamic and final edible flower.

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A side of gluten-free bread and glass of freshly squeezed kale/spinach/cucumber/ginger juice... heaven.

"When baking follow directions. When cooking, go by your own taste." - Laiko Bahrs

Love y'all dearly!! 

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